Want to read what I write, a little sloppily with errors here and there because I am my own editor?

Hi! If you’re like me, or also not like me but are definitely bored, you know what it’s like to want to write something but have no idea exactly what to write until someone hits you with an idea. There are lots of prompt generators on this great wide web, but nothing is stopping me from making my own, right? Of course!

If your still like me at this point, your writing is a little aimless if you don’t have a word limit to tighten things up, and though this is no competition, giving yourself a deadline works great. New prompts are added here every other week and I get to write them along with you! [3k words prompt coming soon!]

Of course you can write as many words as you wish. I’m not putting a gun to your head, lol. Just have fun with it. (The prompts are vague for a reason! Hardly anything is set in stone so just enjoy writing whatever you want). If you want to see my take on the prompts, click here!

Now, without further ado. Drum roll please!

50 words

Write a story using the themes:

  • Destruction, Darkness, Storm, or Weather.
  • Peace, Surrender, Woman, or Moon.
  • Fear, Oppression, Subdued or Silence.

100 words

Write a story using the themes:

  • Lost, Hesitance and Adventure.
  • Your Favorite Song
  • Love, Beauty and Art.

500 words

  • Doubt, Confusion and Loss.
  • Dystopia, Paradise and Deception.
  • A Fight Scene

1k words

Use one of the following options as a theme:

(a) Your character wakes up in an apocalypse of your choosing.

(b) You are asked to write an short story titled: My Isolation Romance.

(c) The fate of the world depends on whether or not you can write a good fight scene.

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