Olive “Olly” Marks is seventeen, about to be homeless and desperate for his parents’ affection. This desperation drives him to be the perfect child he feels they deserve, but after failing time and time again, he gives up.

He isn’t the son they want. His hair is too long, his features are too soft and he had never once experienced the joy of a playing a sport, how could he be the source of their pride when everyone else thinks he’s a girl the moment they see him?

Three weeks before his birthday, he meets a homeless man and impulsively invites him over just to have some company. What he doesn’t expect is that meeting him once is not enough.

As their trust in each other grows, Olly’s world begins to unravel. He starts to realize that it was never ‘his’ world to begin with. There is so much he doesn’t know about the city he had spent ten years of his life in, so much he doesn’t know about the parents that are so cruel to him, so much he doesn’t know about himself…

[M for violence]


Maddax Pharray is at the cusp of his early twenties when a car crash leaves him hospitalized, paralyzed then comatose. Aware of the outside world yet forced into solitude by his vegetative state, he waits – helplessly – for something to change.

On the eve of his twenty-third birthday, his wish is granted. When a freak lightning storm takes down the city’s power grid, his life support fails.

For the first time in a long year, Maddax opens his eyes, but what he wakes up to is not a hospital ward or his bedroom. It’s not even Earth…

The hypersexual society of the Zim welcomes him with open arms as he comes to terms with his new reality: a new body, new planet and a soul guide who has promised to help him get his human body back… by cultivating?


One day, Apocalypse came to pass. It started with a fog that engulfed the world. Thick and heavy in the atmosphere, nearly unbreathable to humans and able to corrupt a soul. It killed livestock, pulled buildings to the ground and deadened the soil.

After a month, shields were erected over major cities to keep it out, but by then humanity could no longer see the sun.

Next, they disappeared – the citizens in shieldless towns and the towns themselves – completely consumed by the fog. And in their place came monsters, beasts that craved human flesh and blood and knew nothing but destruction.

In a matter of days, only half of humanity remained. . . but they didn’t plan on going down without a fight.


What’s a queen to do when her bloodline is on the brink of extinction and the world’s newest warlord is knocking at her castle’s gates?

The answer is obvious. She switches herself out with her twin sister and sneaks out into the countryside.

As a queen disguised as a simple, cross-dressing commoner girl, Oris is determined to hide away long enough to give birth to her successor.

But Fate, as always, has other plans and this time around running away is not an option.She and death come face to face once again in a way she had least expected, bound forever in holy matrimony.


One human. One wolf. One mission.-Two irreconcilable enemies caught in the midst of a war between the supernatural and the mundane.

Robyn Jolene: Spy.

Slade Adolph: Alpha.

Experimented on as a child after his parents were killed by S.A.S.H.I.M.A–an intelligence agency intent on riding the world of everything “occult”–Slade takes it upon itself to infiltrate the organization, leaving the affairs of his pack in the hands of his second-in-command and Beta, Midnight.

Robyn has her hands full mourning her fiance–killed in action–and hovering over the new agent assigned to her team–a man too suspicious to be anything but bad news.

When someone starts stringing up ‘shifter’ carcasses in forests all over the country, Slade struggles to manage his bloodlust and thirst for revenge while Robyn is set on believing that his Sabreclaw Pack has something to do with her lover’s questionable death.

[A 2020 Christmas special]